Pick and Pack

Third Party Logistics

Streamlined Fulfillment Solutions for the Eyewear Industry

At EyeHub, we understand that the success of your eyewear business relies on more than just quality products – it’s about delivering a seamless experience to your customers. That’s why we offer specialized Pick and Pack services tailored to the unique needs of the eyewear industry.

With our meticulous attention to detail, every pair of glasses we ship out is touched by an expert, ensuring that your eyewear arrives in perfect condition to your customers. Our team of dedicated professionals takes pride in handling each frame with care, conducting thorough quality checks to guarantee that every product meets your exacting standards.

But we don’t stop there – our services go beyond standard logistics to provide a personalized touch that sets your brand apart. In addition to our industry-leading expertise and attention to detail, we provide a full suite of fulfillment center services, including order fulfillment and ecommerce fulfillment. Our advanced Extensiv warehouse management software solution allows for up-to-date access to the status of each unit in the fulfillment process, ensuring transparency and efficiency.

With our client dashboard, you can track the progress of your orders in real-time, from the moment they are edged to when they are picked, packaged, and shipped. Our commitment to quality extends to every aspect of our service – before shipping, each frame undergoes a rigorous quality check to ensure it meets the highest standards.

We don’t just pick and pack – we handle every step of fulfillment, including processing orders, shipping, and returns. Trust EyeHub for reliable, efficient, and customer-centric Pick and Pack services that not only elevate your brand but also delight your customers with every delivery. Experience the difference with EyeHub and let us help you achieve success in the eyewear industry.