Cutting-Edge Equipment: Powering Precision at EyeHub

At EyeHub, we leverage industry-leading MEI Lens Edging Solutions to ensure unparalleled precision and quality in our optical lab. Here’s a glimpse into the cutting-edge equipment that drives our operations:

MEI Lens Edging Solutions: Renowned for their advanced technology and precision engineering, MEI Lens Edging machines are the backbone of our optical lab. These state of the art machines enable us to cut dual sun lenses, shields, and high prescription lenses.

Advanced Capabilities: With MEI Lens Edging Solutions, we have the capability to edge a wide range of lens materials, including standard plastics, high-index, polycarbonate, Trivex, nylon and specialty lenses. Whether it’s complex edging using step, U, or V bevels or hooks, notches, or vents, our equipment delivers precise results every time.

Efficiency and Reliability: MEI machines are designed for efficiency and reliability, allowing us to optimize our production processes and meet the demands of our clients with speed and accuracy. With minimal downtime and maximum throughput, we ensure timely delivery of high-quality lenses to our customers.

Optical Lab: At EyeHub, our in-house optical lab is equipped with cutting-edge technology ensuring precise lens edging, prescription lens manufacturing, and specialty treatments—all meeting ANSI Standards.

Continuous Innovation: As technology evolves, so do we. We’re committed to staying at the forefront of innovation in optical manufacturing, continuously upgrading our equipment and processes to deliver superior results and drive excellence in the eyewear industry. 

Partner with EyeHub and experience the difference that industry-leading equipment can make in your eyewear manufacturing process. Our equipment includes: MEI Lens Edgers, National Optronics Edgers, Wet Edgers, Blockers, Testing Equipment, Pad Printers, Laser Engravers, and more.

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